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SX1 Single Axle Side Dump

Shorter single axle side-dump trailers primarily used when maneuverability is an issue or as a 2nd or rear trailer in a doubles operation.

SX2 Double Axle Side Dump

One of our more popular trailers; with a 204″ wheelbase tractor you can achieve 80,000 legal gross in all states under the Federal Bridge Formula.

SX3 Three Axle Side Dump

Three axle trailers are popular in states that allow extended gross weights for truck/trailer combinations with more than five axles.

SX4 Four Axle Side Dump

Works in states that allow extended weights and is usually used in a line-haul application.

SX5 Five Axle Side Dump

A step up from the SX4 series with a liftable/steerable axle added behind the landing leg area.

Doubles and Trains

SmithCo has developed a large selection of A & B train configurations from 6 to 15 axle combinations.


The SHV style tub was created for wet, low density payloads. The typical payloads would be sludge, wet distillers, high moisture manure, processing waste and pumice.

Construction Pup

The CP Series (construction pup) was developed for both the off-road construction market and the agricultural market. Can be pulled with ag tractors or off-road construction power units.


The MHV style tub was created for lower density type payloads that required more tub volume. The typical payloads would be demolition, distillers, manure, compost and other agricultural products

Mine Trailers

SmithCo has expanded its large range of on-highway trailers into the Mining industry with off-road trailers in the 50 to 100 ton range (doubles are available also).

DT Series Tubs

The SmithCo DT series is our SX-series frame with 2 or 3 tubs mounted on it.

Convertor Dollies

Our own line of converter dollies, available in 1 to 4 axle configurations in on-highway or off-road designs with either roller turntable or 5th wheel connections.

Agriculture Pup

The AG Series (Agriculture Pup) was developed for the agricultural market; a side-dump trailer that can be pulled with ag tractors.

Truck or Tractor Mount

All the features and benefits of a SmithCo side-dump trailer in a shorter version that you can mount on your truck or tractor chassis.

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