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Superior stability, easier unloading, faster cycle times—side dump trailers are changing the way the world hauls. When you work with SmithCo, you’re teaming up with experts in the industry. We’re always here to help. Take a look at our learning center and if you still have questions just pick up the phone; we’d love to chat.

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Why are side dump trailers more stable than end dump trailers?

To understand why end dump trailers so commonly have tip over problems – and why the stability of side dumps is superior – it’s important to know the basics of…


Differences between side dumps, end dumps and belly dumps

When determining what the best dump trailer is for your application – side dump, belly dump, or end dump – it’s important to have an understanding of the engineering behind…

What materials

Materials you can haul in a side dump trailer

When it comes to versatility in material hauling, a side dump trailer is second-to-none. There are virtually no limitations on the types of material SmithCo side dumps can haul. From…


Cubic yards in a side dump trailer

Wondering if a side dump trailer has enough capacity for your application? Chances are, it does. Consult the table below for an at-a-glance view of the cubic yard capacities of…

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