End dump vs side dump truck

Side dump trailers were first developed as a solution to costly and dangerous end dump trailer tip overs. SmithCo has been building side dump trailers for more than 25 years, and we’re proud to lead the industry in innovation and customer service.

Three Reasons Why Side Dumps Are Better Than End Dumps

Side dump trailers have superior stability.

Side dumps unload their cargo by tilting the trailer to one side, which provides greater stability during the dump cycle. They can dump on soft and uneven ground safely; there is no need to find a level area to unload. Material can be windrowed or stockpiled.

Side dump trailers are easier to unload.

Side dump trailers can haul just about any material in their watertight tubs, from fine sand and manure to boulders and concrete breakout. They do not require the air in the suspension to be dumped prior to unloading. They are easy to operate from within the cab, and designed to handle tub slap, virtually eliminating the need for any manual cleanout.

Side dump trailers have faster cycle times.

Side dumps take less time and effort to unload compared to other trailers, and can be further customized for weight and capacity. Because the dumping process is easier, efficiency is maximized in each dumping cycle.

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