Side Dumps for the Waste Industry

You haul refuse, byproducts, and hazardous materials. Your job is to get these products from site to site quickly, efficiently and safely. You can’t risk your equipment not working, or leaking these products out during transportation. SmithCo trailers are built with high quality materials, and pass numerous quality control inspections throughout the build process of the trailer. SmithCo trailers are fully welded, and with no gates are leak proof, keeping your products in the trailer, until you put it where it belongs.

SX-Series trailers’ fully welded construction holds firmly together through all of your toughest tasks. The true one-piece round bottom tub will release the load time after time, without the build-up associated with flat bottom or wedge style side dump trailers. SX-series trailers dump cleanly, away from the trailer, without having to bring the tub back through your just dumped load. SX-series trailers are available in numerous axle configurations to fit your job and hauling requirements, including doubles (trains), double tub models and b-train combinations.

MHV model trailers carry up to 31% more than capacity than our SX series models. This makes them perfect for hauling lighter products that have the bulk, yet not enough weight to get you the maximum payloads that you desire. MHV trailers are built to haul a dry type of product that will conform well to the shape of the tub. Multiple axle configurations, and tub lengths are available.

SHV model trailers haul more volume than our SX-series trailers, and also have a tub shape that works well for wet materials such as byproducts, or wetter manure products. Trailers dump to one of either the drivers or passengers side of the unit. Multiple axle and tub combinations exist to get you exactly the configuration you require for your job.

DT trailers are based off of any of our tub and axle combination trailers. We build the DT units with two dump bodies to give you the versatility of hauling two different products, dumping into a smaller area, or even dumping product in two separate locations. SX series, MHV & SHV model tubs are available in multiple lengths with many axle configurations to get you one trailer you need to perform all of your tasks.

We would love to talk to you if you have a need or an idea for a trailer that you feel would be exactly what you need. SmithCo builds more custom designed trailers than any other dump / construction trailer manufacturer around. Please call us if there is something that we can build for you.

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