Side Dumps for the Mining Industry

You are the link; you haul the products of the earth, and take them to their destination. You work long hours in not the best of situations. You need to be sure that your equipment can meet the demands you require of it. SmithCo trailers are built with high quality materials, and pass numerous quality control inspections throughout the build process of the trailer. You can be sure that SmithCo trailers will be as ready to work as you are.

MINE series trailers are off road, heavy haul units that are built to be used on site in non-highway applications. MINE trailers are built larger and stronger to carry payloads of up to 60 tons. MINE trailers are also able to be trained together to carry your loads from pick up to distribution points on site. MINE trailers are built using the same quality controls you come to expect from SmithCo and are engineered to be tough for the toughest jobs.

Our SX-Series trailers’ fully welded construction holds firmly together through all of your toughest tasks. The true one-piece round bottom tub will release the load time after time, without the build-up associated with flat bottom or wedge style side dump trailers. SX-series trailers dump cleanly, away from the trailer, without having to bring the tub back through your just dumped load. SX-series trailers are available in numerous axle configurations to fit your job and hauling requirements, including doubles (trains), double tub models and b-train.

CP Series units are designed for heavy haul, on site construction use, and are pulled behind a tractor, or on-site type towing unit. CP units incorporate large flotation type tires and are perfect for wetter, softer sites, where a tractor / trailer combination cannot get too, or may get stuck because of the ground conditions. Rated at 20 or 30 ton units, the CP series side dumps are a fast, convenient way to move materials on site in all types of conditions.

Doubles are available in nearly any model trailer we build. A lot of mining operations are performed in states that allow you to haul larger payloads with multiple axles. We build many configurations of doubles with numerous axle combinations. If sided dump doubles can help you gain the maximum payloads in a more efficient manner, we can help you out.

We would love to talk to you if you have a need or an idea for a trailer that you feel would be exactly what you need. SmithCo builds more custom designed trailers than any other dump / construction trailer manufacturer around. Please call us if there is something that we can build for you.

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