Side Dumps for the Demolition Industry

You tear things up for a living, you are on a deadline, and you can’t afford to have your equipment broken down. SmithCo Side Dump trailers are built with quality materials and undergo strict quality control procedures at numerous times throughout the build process. You can rest assured that your SmithCo trailers will be there to work when you need it most.

Our SX-Series trailers’ fully welded construction holds firmly together through all of your toughest tasks. The true one-piece round bottom tub will release the load time after time, without the build-up associated with flat bottom or wedge style side dump trailers. SX-series trailers dump cleanly, away from the trailer, without having to bring the tub back through your just dumped load. SX-series trailers are available in numerous axle configurations to fit your job and hauling requirements, including doubles (trains), double tub models and b-train combinations.

For those jobs that you need to haul a little more volume, our MHV series trailers may be the right match for you. Our MHV trailers have capacities of up to 31% more than our SX-Series models, yet are still built with the same quality components, and quality controls that you have come to expect from SmithCo. MHV model trailers are available in multiple axle and tub configurations to meet your requirements.

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