Side Dumps for the Construction Industry

Your time is valuable. You can’t wonder if your equipment is up to the job at hand. At SmithCo we value your time. Whether hauling dirt or rock, millings, or rip-rap, our SX-Series trailers, TMB truck boxes, and CP series are built with the finest materials, and undergo strict quality control procedures.

Our SX-Series Construction trailers’ fully welded construction holds firmly together through all of your toughest tasks. The true one-piece round bottom tub will release the load time after time, without the build-up associated with flat bottom or wedge style side dump trailers. SX-series trailers dump cleanly, away from the trailer, without having to bring the tub back through your just dumped load. SX-series trailers are available in numerous axle configurations to fit your job and hauling requirements, including doubles (trains), double tub models and b-train combinations.

Our TMB truck box is a version of our SX-series that is mounted directly to your truck or tractor frame. The TMB is a very versatile side dump that can be used when you don’t have room to run a full tractor / trailer combination. The TMB acts and dumps just like our SX-series. We have TMB series boxes available from 8 ft long on up.

CP Series units are designed for heavy haul, on site construction use, and are pulled behind a tractor, or on-site type towing unit. CP units incorporate large floatation type tires and are perfect for wetter, softer sites, where a tractor / trailer combination cannot get too, or may get stuck because of the ground conditions. Rated at 20 or 30 ton units, the CP series side dumps are a fast, convenient way to move materials on site in all types of conditions.

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