Our Facility

The SmithCo factory is dedicated solely to the production of side dump trailers. Located just minutes south of Le Mars, Iowa on U.S. Highway 75, SmithCo’s production facility stands as a testament to the commitment and quality that we put into our trailers.
 With 70,00 square feet of air conditioned work space, our manufacturing capabilities are second to none. The facility is completely self-contained. Trailers do not leave the building to move between production stations. Positioners that allow 360 degrees of rotation ensure all components are welded in the highest quality, strongest and most efficient manner. A state of the art air filtration system provides our employees with a safe and clean working environment.
 Our computerized plasma cutting system has a 10′ x 40-plus’ down draft table that ensures minimal distortion and a clean atmosphere. We have complete control over the design and quality of the components on our trailers.
 The 500 ton press-brake is capable of forming 3/8″ AR400 plate up to 20′ in length, ensuring that all of our formed parts meet SmithCo’s high standards.
 Sub assemblies are completed in state of the art fixtures to ensure consistency of components for the trailers.
AR400, Hardox, T-1; these steel types are “scaly” by nature. The only way to ensure a long lasting professional paint finish is to shot blast the components down to a “white” condition. Every welded tub and frame goes through this process. The 55′ climate controlled blast booth is located inside the factory which allows SmithCo the ability to control the environment the frames and tubs encounter before being painted. We do not have to worry about moisture, humidity or contamination affecting the quality of the paint job.
Shot blasted tubs and frames are staged in a pre-paint area for a complete re-inspection of all welding and pre-paint finish. Any necessary repairs are made before entering the paint booth. 
After all the necessary paint prep, each tub and frame goes through the paint booth separately to ensure a complete and consistent paint finish. Our 55′ climate controlled paint booth is also located inside the factory.
Trailer frames are 100% painted before any plumbing is installed. Only after complete assembly of the frame are the tub and frame mated. Upon completion every trailer is operated; tub(s) are dumped, valves are operated, tarps are cycled, lights are checked, etc. These are just a few of the final inspections before a new trailer hits the road.
Another high quality SmithCo trailer leaving the factory! Every new trailer is dropped on a certified platform scale so actual trailer weight can be stamped onto the VIN plate.
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