CP – Construction Pup

The CP Series (construction pup) was developed for both the off-road construction market and the agricultural market. Customers were demanding a side-dump trailer that could be pulled with ag tractors or off-road construction power units. These units are available in 20 & 30 ton capacity with a variety of construction grade or flotation type tires. A 2″ drawbar pin type hitch is standard but scraper type hitches are also available. Whether you want to top load materials your scraper can’t handle or you want to haul ag products to the field the CP Series is the perfect choice.

Construction Pup Spec Sheet


Towing Eye  Side Oscillating, 2″ Drawbar Pin, 360 degree rotation
Safety Chains: 1/2″ Safety Chains w/Safety Hooks
Frame Length: 30′-09″
Tub Length: 22′ 
Width:  10′ (120″)
Tub Capacity: 17.5 Cu Yd Waterfull
25 Cu Yd Heaping
Tub Construction:  1/4″ Thick, AR400 (or equivalent)
Round Floor Style Tub
Frame Construction:   80/100 KSI (T-1), Fabricated Steel I-Beam
Landing Gear:  High Clearance
Cylinders:  3500 PSI, 5″ Bore
Hinges: Self-Aligning, Spherical Bearing Type (greasable)
Loading Height: 90″
Suspension: 90K Single Point Walking Beam
Axles:  30,000 lb capacity
Hubs:  10 Hole, Hub Piloted
Drums:  Outboard Mount, Cast Steel
Wheels:  Tubeless, Steel Disc
Tires:  750/45 R 22.5 LGP (Std)
Lights:  12 Volt LED ICC w/Sealed Harness
Paint:  (Tub) SmithCo Yellow
(Frame) SmithCo Black

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